God will Fight My Battles

9 Apr

Exodus 14:  God delivered the Israelites’ through the Red Sea

Lessons for Living Today:

The antidote to fear is faith in God’s great power and wisdom. crossing the sea The Egyptians were sorry they let the Israelites go and began to pursue them in chariots.  The Israelites’, trapped between the mountains and the Red Sea saw no way to escape.  They were totally afraid and cried out in terror to God.  And they began complaining to Moses for bringing them there—oh how they complained.  Moses, not knowing what God was up to, but knowing He had a plan spoke to the people.  “Don’t be afraid.  Stand firm and watch God do His work of salvation for you today.”

Fear comes when we cannot see a way out of our troubles.  We can trust God for what we cannot see.  Fear  wastes energy.  God delivered the Israelites by first moving the cloud that was leading them to behind them, so the Egyptians could not even see them.  Then He split the sea and made a path of dry ground through the sea.  And this was no little path for there were thousands upon thousands of people who needed to escape from the Egyptians.  Once they all got safely to the other side, with the Egyptians’ pursuing them, the waters returned to normal and drowned the Egyptians.

Seldom do our obstacles come close to this one Israel faced.  Look back over our lives and at the obstacles we faced in the past and how God saw us through.  Or perhaps there is something facing us now and we cannot see our way.  We don’t need to see how it is going to turn out we simply need to face our fear by standing firm in our faith in God and watch how he calms our fears and works things out for our good.  For me, God’s calming of my fears amidst the storms of life is huge.  With fears calmed we can watch God work.     

God’s Question: Will you relinquish your fears to Me?

God’s Promise: You can trust your future to Me.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for your great and mighty power.

I am sorry I have wasted time in fear.

Thank You for Your calmness given in times of storm.

Help me be a shelter to others in their storms of life.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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