God’s Amazing GPS

8 Apr

Exodus 13:  God led the Israelites’ from Egypt to Canaan in an amazing way. (God’s Powerful System)

Lessons for Living Today:

The shortest and easiest route is not always the best.  pillarsGod not only delivered His people out of Egypt and slavery, but now he provided them with His GPS system to guide their trip.  They would have chosen the shortest route but God knew there would be major distractions along that road.  So God led them on the wilderness road.  Can’t you just hear those people grumbling?  But when they looked up and saw God’s GPS at work, they were in awe.

God’s Powerful System included a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire.  What?  Yes, God led them by a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire during the night—both in the sky above the people.  When the pillars moved on, the people moved on.  When the pillars stopped, the people camped.   This was all done in military formation so it was no haphazard maneuver.  This must have given the thousands of people great comfort to see God’s guidance system 24/7.  Whenever they feared or doubted—they just looked up!

This same God still provides His people with His own GPS 24/7. No, there isn’t a pillar of cloud above, or a pillar of fire, but He is even closer than that.  He makes His home in our hearts through our simple belief in Him as we look to His Word for guidance.  Those in this passage did not have God’s recorded Word for guidance, but we now do.  How does it guide us?  As we read our spirits are knit together with His and He gives us inspiration and understanding.  It is every bit as miraculous as the pillars of cloud and fire.  Whatever our need—God’s Word supplies the perfect balm.  Fear, pain, sorrow, poverty, danger—whatever our need—God provides the answer as we interact with Him through His Word.

God’s Question: Are you following my GPS of life eternal?

God’s Promise: My Word gives you strength without boundaries.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your precious Word that guides my life.

I am sorry I don’t tune into Your GPS even more often.

Thank You for providing just what I need through Your Word.

Help me read Your Word, follow Your Word, share Your Word.


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