Avoid The Final Straw

6 Apr

Exodus 11:  God instructions to Moses for the final blow to Egypt

Lessons for Living Today:

It often takes the final straw to make the difference.  Moses and PharaohMoses had gone before Pharaoh nine times asking to let his people go.  When Pharaoh refused God brought on the land of Egypt nine plagues.  However, the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were living, did not experience the plagues. Pharaoh finally said to Moses “If I lay eyes on you again, you’re dead.”  God put off this final plague, but now the time had come.  Moses was out of time with Pharaoh so God gave Moses instructions for the awful final plague.

Death of the innocent always tugs at the heart-strings.   The stubbornness of Pharaoh demanded that God use extreme means to get him to let the children of Israel leave Egypt.  The final plague was death of the firstborn—in the land of Egypt—including people and animals.  Again, this plague would not touch the land where God’s people were living.  Before the plague struck, God gave Moses instructions to get the people ready to flee from Egypt, at Pharaoh’s word.  They followed God’s instructions exactly.

Too often we ignore God’s Word and wait until the final and awful straw before we listen to God.   How many are sitting in prison today wishing they would have listened to God?  How many illnesses that could have been avoided have taken lives far too early?  How many families have been torn apart through divorce?  How many parents have failed to train and discipline their children and ended up very sorry?  God’s heart-felt desire is that we all look to His Word and follow His advice for a joyful life.  So much pain comes into lives because of foolish choices.  Our mission in life is to help others avoid the final straw of doom.  Share Jesus today!

God’s Question: Will you let Me help you avoid the final straw?

God’s Promise:  As you turn to Me I turn to you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your Word that guides our lives in safety.

I am sorry I am not more ambitious about sharing You with others.

Thank You for Your patience with my failures.

Help me be a faithful ambassador for You.


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