Standing on Your Last Leg

3 Apr

Exodus 10:  Pharaoh’s servants begged him to let the Moses and the people go saying “Can’t you see Egypt is on its last legs?”

Lessons for Living Today:

Stubbornness is akin to cutting off your leg!  One Leg BirdEven when we know giving in would be so much better we often hang on to our own detriment.  In this case, Pharaoh had the whole land of Egypt in a very bad predicament.  And it was all because he would not submit to the “IF” of God.  “If you refuse to release my people, watch out!”  We notice that each plague increased in destructiveness.  In the heat of the destruction Pharaoh would cave but as soon as Moses withdrew the plague—his stubborn heart hardened again.

Are we any different?  Even in such a simple matter as the food we eat.  We know the sugary sweets we eat are killing us but we think “just this one more won’t hurt.”  And it goes on and on.  Or we know that our bodies need consistent exercise to keep on keeping on.  But we tell ourselves that tomorrow we will start.  But tomorrow never comes.  The way we treat our bodies is worse than cutting off a leg.  It is taking away our very lives.  Yes, we all have the heart of Pharaoh that is stubborn.

How can we get back our two legs?  Jesus stood strong through humility—caring for others more than himself.  There was no wishy-washy with Jesus.  He knew his time was short and he kept faithfully on track.  He knew his purpose in life and he willingly plowed ahead.  Let’s don’t ignore the mission Jesus left with us to fulfill.  He said to go into the whole world and share the gospel so that humanity can be saved.  Let’s set aside stubbornness–welcome humility and stand on our own two feet in obedience to Jesus call to mission.

God’s Question: Will you let humility rule your life’s decisions?

God’s Promise: He who humbles himself, him will I lift up.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for calling me into mission with You.

I am sorry I too often stumble around on one stubborn foot.

Thank You for Your Word that shows me how to live successfully.

Help me desire humility rather than acclaim.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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