Heart-String Specialist

31 Mar

Exodus 7:  God instructs Moses in how to deal with Pharaoh.

Lessons for Living Today:

When a parent says to a child, “look at me,” that means “this is important.”  God callingWhen God said “look at Me” to Moses He wanted Moses to listen carefully—pay attention.  God’s instruction to Moses was something difficult, something Moses didn’t want to do.  He had tried every excuse in the book to get out of this task but God selected him as the man for the job.  God specializes in heart-string tugging.  Those whose strings He tugs—He qualifies for the task.

God still says “look at Me” to us today.  He speaks to us through His Word.  We meet God face to face as we read from His Word.  Passages that are difficult to understand, He gives the understanding.  He tugs on our heart-strings as we read.  But His Word is not the only way we meet Him face to face.  As we interact with others in our world we should consider it as a face to face encounter with God.  He takes our treatment of others personally.  Realizing this, it elevates even the most mundane encounter with another.

God specializes in heart-string tugging.  When we become aware of an unmet need in our world–that is God saying “look at Me!”  We would never turn away from God but find it so easy to turn our backs on the needs of others. Moses, obeying God’s tug on his heart-strings, changed the destiny of a whole nation.  Each of us is as important to God as was Moses.  Unless we are looking to His Word and serving others as unto Him, we may miss the greatest opportunity of our lives—serving as God’s Ambassadors.  There is no greater joy or peace that serving others, as unto God.

God’s Question: Ignored any heart-string tugs lately?

God’s Promise: I will meet you in My Word.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your tugs on my heart-strings.

I am sorry I don’t always respond as You wish.

Thank You for this reminder to respond to others as unto You.

Help me keep my heart tuned and ready for your tugging.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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