Never Give Up!

30 Mar

Exodus 6:  God encourages Moses to not give up because He will deliver the Israelites from the cruel hand of Pharaoh.

Lessons for Living Today:

When our burden seems impossible to bear–hold on!  Never give upNothing is impossible with God.  In this chapter Moses faced what he felt was an impossible situation.  The people were slaves and treated cruelly and very discouraged.  The Pharaoh was a horrible task master.  God’s directions for Moses didn’t seem to be turning out well.  But we who have read the rest of the story know that it all turns out well though the going was challenging at times.  From this story we learn that nothing is impossible with God.  The hardest part for Moses and the people was to trust that God’s rescue was just around the corner.

We too suffer from a lack of trusting God.  We seem to think that our life on earth should be a bed or roses.  That was God’s intention in the beginning.  But Adam and Eve wanted something more.  And we have followed in their footsteps quite willingly.  When things don’t go as planned we think God has deserted us, just like the Israelites felt back in Egypt.  When tempted to give up on God consider the alternative.  To whom would we go?  During our days of sunshine and roses we feel like God is in our pocket.  But during the dark days God’s presence is even more needed but we often ignore Him.  He says “draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.”

God specializes in deliverance.  Our problem is that we want His deliverance on our terms and time table—just like the Israelites did.  We blame Him for our troubles instead of letting Him lead us through the troubles into victory.  God’s biggest victory for us is peace of mind in the midst of troubles.  Oh yes, with God we can endure whatever troubles may come our way.  His peace passes understanding and victory comes to those who hold on to God.

God’s Question: Will you let Me calm you today?

God’s Promise: I am with you!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your peace that passes understanding.

I am sorry I ever waste a moment in worry.

Thank You for calming the storms in my life.

Help me be Your ambassador of peace to my world.


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