Arguing with God

26 Mar

Exodus 4:  God gives Moses his marching orders.

Lessons for Living Today:

Moses was so like us—he argued with God about what he should do.  why GodWe might think, “Goodness Moses, God said it just do it!”  God’s assignments don’t exclude fear just because it came from God.  Moses was full of excuses as to why he could not do what God was asking.  After God demonstrated His power to Moses, he ended up saying “But I’ve never been good with words, I don’t talk well, I stutter and stammer.”  “Goodness Moses, since God can turn a staff into a snake and back again, surely he can help you talk well.”

Are we much different from Moses?  As we read the Word, or hear challenging sermons, we are convicted that we need to do something.  But Satan goes right to work to convince us of the reasons we aren’t qualified.  And we are easily convinced.  As in the case of Moses, so with us:  God doesn’t call the qualified but he qualifies the called.  How many ministries have gone undone because we listened to Satan’s discouraging words and gave up?  While we chide Moses for arguing with God we find ourselves doing the very same thing.

We must cease saying “somebody should do something” and realize WE are somebody.  We are not responsible for the results of our obedience—God’s got that covered.  Just put one foot in front of the other and head in the direction your passion is leading.  God specializes in using our passions to carry out His purposes in our world.  And what is God’s purpose for the world?  The most basic is that all mankind would be informed about God’s love, shown through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  Therefore, we must not argue with God but head in the direction He is calling.

God’s Question: Will you listen to Me or to Satan?

God’s Promise: My strength is sufficient for you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the way Your Word leads us.

I am sorry I have not always followed Your lead.

Thank You for this story of Moses, so like me.

Help me not argue with You but simply follow.


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