Killing Babies

23 Mar

Exodus 1:  After Joseph’s death, a new king rises to power, that forgot all about Joseph’s legacy.

Lessons for Living Today:

Alarmed over the huge population of Joseph’s family, the new king took drastic measures to “control them.” baby feet He feared they may turn against him in revolt or else walk away and leave him.  He organized them into “work-gangs” and forced them into hard labor.  But they just kept having more and more babies.  He instructed the mid-wives to kill any boy babies that were born.  They refused.  He then instructed that every baby boy born was to be thrown into the alligator infested Nile River. Gruesome!

The easiest way to control a population is to kill the weakest.  Nothing has changed in today’s society.  Babies are still being killed only now the method has become more sophisticated. Killing babies is now big business.  Once the major organization for planning parenthood realized the monetary value of killing babies they have doubled their effort at encouraging abortion.  It all seems so simple, efficient and cost-effective.  It is family planning at its cruelest.

All it takes for evil to survive is for those who know it is wrong, to keep silent.  If everyone considering abortion could watch a sonogram of a baby being aborted they would be horrified.  It is not “just a fetus—a mass of cells.”  It is a living child—such as all of us were at one time.  125,000 abortions are committed daily around the world!  What can we do about this horrific happening around us?  1—Pray for God’s wisdom!  2—Get involved with pro-life organizations!  3—Get involved with Pregnancy Care Centers!  4—Support organizations providing abstinence education!  We must offer alternatives to abortion and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

God’s Question: What are you doing to save the lives of babies?

God’s Promise: I will not hold him guiltless who takes life.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for opening my eyes to the atrocities of abortion.

I am sorry I haven’t been involved many years ago.

Thank You for so many organizations offering alternatives.

Help me serve the unborn as if I were serving You.


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