What’s Around the Corner?

19 Mar

Genesis 49:   Jacob is about to die so calls his sons together to tell them what to except in days to come.

Lessons for Living Today:

Today is the foundation for all our tomorrows.  Corner lookerWhat would we like to see in our ideal tomorrow?  Unless we lay the foundation today it won’t happen. It works in every area of our lives, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, whatever! Success in any area doesn’t just pop in unannounced.  We must plan for it and work toward that better tomorrow.  In this passage, Jacob was looking back at the foundation his sons had laid thus far in their lives.  He was predicting their futures based on these foundations.  It wasn’t always a pretty picture he was painting.

The colors we paint into our daily lives will show up in the final picture—just around the corner. We are free to choose the colors we want to show up later.  Unless we choose carefully, the coming picture will have no beauty.  Our very legacy depends upon the colors that go into our daily lives.  We never know when our picture will be finished.  Death often comes unannounced and puts an end to the painting.  That makes us consider carefully the colors we choose daily.  Let’s take a look at today’s to-do list.  What are we doing to benefit ourselves?  What are we planning to bless others?

Consider that the things we do for self are the bland colors.  The things we do for others add the bright colors, the sparkle to our painting. Our better tomorrow begins today.  Every day needs to be sprinkled with some of those bright colors.  If Jacob was to tell me what to expect in my future—how would he describe it?  I might point the finger at the painful future he described for some of his sons, but would mine be any better?  I can make a difference is what’s around the corner of my life by purposeful living today.

God’s Question: Based on today, what is around your corner?

God’s Promise: I’m on your side cheering for you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the way You speak through Your Word.

I am sorry I too often leave color out of my days.

Thank You for the insights I find in Your Word.

Help me purposely add color to my daily life.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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