Wagons Ho!

16 Mar

Genesis 46:  Joseph’s entire family moves to Egypt.

Lessons for Living Today:

Has your life had more twists and turns than you can count? wagons ho Have you loaded up the wagons for yet another move when you just wished to stay put?  Maybe you thought you were in your “promised land” only to load up the wagons once again? Joseph’s family was settled for life—or so they thought—until a famine devastated their land.  They heard there was food in Egypt so they traveled there to load up their wagons with food.  Imagine their shock when they discovered, not only abundant food, but their long-lost brother Joseph.  When he invited his whole family to move there, and be cared for, it was nearly too good to be true.

God skillfully weaves our good and bad choices into our best.  He knows we learn best by enduring consequences for our choices.  And when He sees that we have learned a lesson He is empowered to step in and bring about the best possible conclusion to our choices.  There is nothing to difficult for God.  We may have chosen “Wagons-ho,” when it wasn’t that wise to go.  But all the time we are learning the results of our choices and it gives us more wisdom for next time.

God tells us to ask Him for wisdom and He is glad to give it.  How many foolish choices we make by failing to inquire of God first—before we load up the wagons?  We allow our own wishes to guide and direct our choices then blame God when that was a foolish choice.  If we’d just learn to ask God first He would help us to think clearly and wisely, making a better choice.  Too often our heads are turned and a decision is made, then we ask God to bless our choice.  Instead, first consult God, then using His wisdom, make a choice.

God’s Question: Will you let me help you make wise choices?

God’s Promise: I’m eager to give wisdom if you’ll ask.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for always wanting the best for my life.

I am sorry I too often make a choice without consulting You.

Thank You for Your Word that gives so much wisdom.

Help me trust my future completely to You.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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