In The Hot Spot

12 Mar

Genesis 44:  Joseph’s brothers squirming in the hot spot.

Lessons for Living Today:

Was Joseph tormenting his brothers as pay-back? hot spot They had done a terrible thing to him when he was just a young man—selling him into slavery.  Even though now things had turned our wonderfully well for him, perhaps he wanted to see the brothers squirm awhile.  Though they did not recognize him, he recognized them, but wasn’t ready to reveal his identity. I think Joseph was enjoying his unique vantage point of learning about his long-lost family.  Perhaps he wanted to see if the brothers had any regrets over their treatment of him.  Putting them in the hot spot was showing their true colors.

The hot spot has a unique way of showing our true colors.  Sometimes we even surprise ourselves when our true colors show through.  Things we thought we couldn’t endure–we may find out we can.  Things we thought we could handle—we may find out we can’t.  Life is all about getting ready for the hot spot.  It will come to us all at some point. We must take care while raising our children that we prepare them for the hot spots they will surely face in life.

The hot spot brings to light our strengths or weaknesses.  And we will either grow stronger or weaker while in the hot spot.  I think we all hope we will grow stronger.  But how can we prepare for that inevitable moment?  God’s strength is available to all who draw near to Him.  When we are weak, He is strong and will hold us up.  But the time to prepare for the inevitable is not at the moment of need but before the need arises.  God speak to us through His Word and our level of obedience determines how strong we will be.  Ignore His word and we forfeit His help.  As God was with Joseph, so He will be with those who turn to Him for daily strength training.

God’s Question: Will you invite Me to give you strength training?

God’s Promise: As your need so will be the strength I give.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for providing just what I need at my moment of need.

I am sorry I so often fail to turn to You for guidance.

Thank You for so willingly giving me of Your strength.

Help me willingly share my strength with others in need.


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