Forgiveness turns Fear into a Feast

11 Mar

Genesis 43: The story of Joseph inviting his brothers for a feast

Lessons for Living Today:

Love trumps sin. forgiveness-key Love gives forgiveness!  Love dissolves fear!  Love invites the wounded to a feast.  That is the story of Joseph’s relationship with his brothers who had sold him into slavery.  Joseph was wise enough to make the best of his situation and now realized that God had brought about His very best in Joseph’s life.  How could he harbor resentment to his brothers who even though they meant to do him wrong—God turned it into a win-win triumph? To the brothers, Joseph was as good as dead, but God was using Joseph to provide the brothers with life-sustaining food during the famine.

Who has meant to do me wrong?  How have I responded to that situation?  I want Joseph’s life to be a motivation to me in how to deal with being wronged.  He didn’t mope around in self-pity.  He was pro-active in making the very best of his situation.  If he had been planning his revenge he would not have been used by God to provide food to survive the coming famine.  I want to be used by God to make a difference in my world so I must forgive all who wrong me, even pray for God to forgive them, and set about doing good to all others.

Lack of forgiveness hurts me way more than my tormentor.  Not only does it hurt me physically, but emotionally, and spiritually.  God’s Word tells me I must forgive if I want God’s forgiveness.  Living on God’s side, fear is dissolved, for I know He is with me.  Each morsel of food I eat is a feast of gratitude because of God’s forgiveness.  His peace passes understanding.  How can I but extend to others what God so freely gives to me.

God’s Question: Will you forgive so I can forgive you?

God’s Promise: When My forgiveness flows through you, the world flourishes.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Joseph’s story that encourages us on.

I am sorry I even allow resentment into my heart.

Thank You for Your offer of forgiveness.

Help me willing forgive all who seek to offend me.


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