Pay-Back Time

10 Mar

Genesis 42:21  “Now we’re paying for what we did to our brother—we saw how terrified he was when he was begging us for mercy.  We wouldn’t listen to him and now we’re the ones in trouble.”

Lessons for Living Today:

As a child, Joseph had vivid dreams of his brothers bowing down to him.joseph-brothers  In this chapter those dreams have come true.  The brothers are coming to Egypt, where Joseph is second in command, and bowing before him, not recognizing him.  The above passage is their comments, realizing it is pay-back time.  Joseph did recognize them and had already forgiven them in his heart, but they didn’t know that.

Unconfessed wrongdoing (sin) haunts a person their whole life.  And guilt is a terrible taskmaster.  Don’t you suppose the brothers grieved over their wrong when they caused their father such deep grief?  I wonder if a day went by when they didn’t think of what they’d done.  While our world says “live and let live,” ignore guilt and it will go away, guilt is actually a very healthy thing.  The unhealthy thing about guilt is harboring it or ignoring it.  Harboring guilt creates a barrier between our conscious and our heart.  Our heart grows hard and all our relationships suffer.

Confession and repentance really are good for our souls.  It destroys the barrier that causes a hard heart.  It is a time of “coming clean” with God and with one another.  It gives a person a whole new lease on life.  Jesus died to purchase our redemption from guilt.  He stands eager and willing to forgive.  The confession that cleans is to confess that Jesus is Lord and we have done wrong.  Repentance says “I am sorry I have sinned—not just I am sorry I got caught.”  It brings about a change in behavior—first toward God and then others. Jesus forgiveness releases us from guilt and cancels pay-back time.

God’s Question: How can I help you clean up your slate?

God’s Promise: Whosoever will may come to Me!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your willingness to forgive my sins.

I am sorry I am not as eager to forgive others.

Thank You for Your Word that teaches how to forgive.

Help me set an example of forgiveness for others.


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