Golden Rule Living

7 Mar

Genesis 40:6, 7,  (Joseph’s job in prison was to oversee prisoners)  When Joseph arrived in the morning, he noticed that (the kings cook and cupbearer who had been put in prison) were feeling low.  So he asked them, “What’s wrong?  Why the long faces?”

Lessons for Living Today:

Whatever our lot in life let’s be like Joseph, notice those around us. Golden RuleLet’s don’t just do what’s expected of us and ignore the deep needs of others.  Joseph was to care for the needs of the prisoners and saw they were depressed so offered to help.  As Joseph was, we too are free to just do our job and not get involved.  But Joseph knew from his own experience as a prisoner that one can get very depressed.  He stepped up to the plate and did what he could to ease the pain of those he worked with.

Though Joseph lived long before Jesus he embodied the golden rule in his life.   Jesus said “treat others as you wish to be treated.”  That isn’t rocket science, just everyday compassion.  As we reach out to bless others through compassion—we bless ourselves.  We find that whatever brings a blessing into our life we want to duplicate.  Sharing compassion motivates me to keep on sharing.  Followers of Christ are deeply aware of His sacrifice on our behalf.  That awareness motivates us to pass it on.

Golden Rule living is life at the highest level.  Opening the hand and heart to others opens the hand and heart of God to us too.  As we draw near to meet the needs of others we are drawing near to God, for He takes our treatment of all others personally.  First I must examine my own talents and interests.  Am I using them selfishly or investing them in humanity.  Then I ask myself, what is my motivation for helping others?  I want my answer to always be that I long be a faithful ambassador of My Lord.

God’s Question: Who is being blessed by your words and deeds?

God’s Promise: I take your treatment of others personally.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus’ wonderful example of living.

I am sorry if too often live only to please myself.

Thank You for this reminder to be about Your business.

Help me reach out to the needs of those around me.


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