Does God Care About Me?

5 Mar

Genesis 39:  The story of Joseph after sold as a slave.

Lessons for Living Today:

I am sure Joseph was asking himself, “Does God really care about me?”  does god careBetrayed by his own brothers, sold as a slave, then wrongly accused and landing in prison wasn’t his idea of a caring God.  But we are reading Joseph’s story from a different vantage point than was visible to him.  Yes, he had a lot of troubles but woven into all those troubles was the loving care of God.  That tells me that troubles are not a sign of God’s absence but more opportunity for God to work.  In the flesh we can be assured we will have troubles.  We make some bad choices.  Others make bad choices that affect us.  But God is with us through it all.

In spite of Joseph’s troubles he kept making good choices.  He did not let the bad choices of others lower his standards.  I find this good advice for my life also.  Even in the midst of the most trying circumstances I can know God is willing and eager to extend me His loving care—if I just reach out to Him.  Because of Joseph’s record of making good choices, God was with him and made sure that whatever he did worked out for the best.  As a slave his master could see that God was with him.  When thrown into prison though innocent, the head jailer also saw God’s presence in Joseph’s life.

Joseph’s life is over and his story is finished.  Now the baton has been passed to we who are living today.  Can those we interact with daily see that God is with us?  It will be evident by our words, deeds and peace that passes understanding in all our dealings with others.  God cares but will never force Himself on us.  He is close by but waits for us to draw near to Him before He draws near to us.  His love for Joseph is the very same love He has for each of us.

God’s Question: Will you let Me help you in times of trouble?

God’s Promise: I have only your best interests in mind.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You that I can know You truly care about me.

I am sorry when I fail to make wise choices.

Thank You for being my life’s firm foundation.

Help me Live and love others as Your ambassador.


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