The Cancer of Deception

3 Mar

Genesis 38: The story of Judah and his daughter-in-law Tamar.

Lessons for Living Today:

Deception is like cancer—once it gets started it is hard to stop. deception Judah was one of Joseph’s brothers that sold Joseph and deceived his father, saying Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.  He lived with that deception, under his skin, not realizing how it was growing stronger through the years.  When a person invites deceit into their heart and harbors it, a callous develops so they no longer respond to the pain of deceit in other areas of their life.  One of the fruits of Judah’s deceit was the way his sons turned out.  The oldest son offended God so grievously that He took his life.  The second son also died as the result of offending God.

When we think the deceit is long past and forgotten, God knows. Consequences follow deceit and show up unexpectedly.  That is what happened to Judah.  And we can be sure the consequences of our actions will show up when least expected. I think God included this story in the Bible to help us realize the value of keeping our lives free of deceit.  It sneaks in so undetected at times that we hardly notice and then feel pressured to keep up the façade.  Thank God that Jesus came to earth to help us in our fallen state.

The past cannot be undone.  But what we can do is come face to face with our failures and do our best to “make things right” with those we have wronged.  And for the things we can’t make right, Jesus will forgive if we come to Him in faith and obedience.  He looks at His forgiven “just as if they’d never sinned.”  His best advice to us is forgive others, even when they don’t deserve it, because we certainly don’t deserve His forgiveness.  Jesus’ forgiveness is the healing balm for the cancer of deceit.

God’s Question: Will you let me help rid your life of deceit?

God’s Promise: I specialize in giving peace of mind.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus sacrifice so I can be forgiven.

I am sorry I am not more willing to sacrifice for others.

Thank You for this reminder to be forgiving like Jesus.

Help me not allow grudges to get under my skin.


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