A Terrible Tale of Deception

2 Mar

Genesis 37:  Joseph’s jealous brothers sold him to some traders and told their father a wild animal killed him

Lessons for Living Today:

By ignoring God’s directives—life gets complicated. Joseph's coat Jacob’s life got very complicated.  In the drive to have many sons he ended up with several wives.  And when we add to the mix one favored wife who finally has a son, you can be assured that son was also favored.  This favored son, Joseph, was given an elaborate coat—while none of his brothers received one.  Jealousy began eating at the brothers and they wouldn’t even speak to Joseph.  To top it off Joseph began having dreams of superiority and foolishly shared his dreams.

Once jealousy is given free rein it always comes to a bad end.  The brothers looked for an opportunity to get rid of Joseph.  They sold him to some traders and then took his special coat, dipped it in goat blood and told their dad Joseph had been killed by a wild animal.  The father went into a deep depression of mourning.  Can you imagine the guilt those brothers felt by deceiving their father?  But what was done was done.  Joseph was gone and none of them were about to fess up to what really happened.

Living with guilt like that changes everything in a person’s life.  The brother’s relationship with their father was forever damaged. Don’t you suppose that they remembered what they had done every day of their lives?  A clear conscience is a thing to be sought after and valued.  Deception always brings disaster in one form or another.  Jealousy unchecked ruins lives.  In this story the father Jacob made a bad choice in showing favoritism.  And the brother’s action did not make things “even,” but much worse.  They hurt themselves more than Joseph or their father.  Lord, deliver us from jealousy.

God’s Question: Has jealousy ever caused you to deceive?

God’s Promise: I am eager to help you escape jealousy.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your word that teaches us many lessons.

I am sorry I have ever let jealousy have a home in my heart.

Thank You for showing us the way to a clear conscious.

Help me rejoice with those who rejoice, not feel jealous.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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