Your Family Tree

27 Feb

Genesis 36:9  This is the family tree of Esau

Lessons for Living Today:

Why bother with a family tree?  ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Is there value in knowing who came before you in your family line?  Yes, the family tree has many good uses. By creating a family tree the fabric of humanity is woven together through formal record-keeping of important dates and information about those who have died. It is a keeping of the family circle for the benefit of those yet to come, thereby tethering together generations that would otherwise not know each other. To feel a part of this intergenerational family—larger than your own life—gives a person a feeling of belonging, of roots, and of value.

The family tree is valuable because you are valuable.  God’s love flows to the world through families.  You are who you are largely because of the fabric that was woven through your family tree.  To look at my family tree gives me a feeling of responsibility.  All of these who have gone before me have given me life and I want to make them proud of the way I have lived my life.  Their blood flows through my veins and I feel this inseparable connection to them.  What they wish they would have done—I can now do.

Even more than giving me something to live up to, I want my life to count in moving coming generations to the greatest reason for living—Christ in me—my hope of glory.  I want to be found faithfully following My Lord throughout my life.  I hope my name on the family tree will be more than just a name with the dates of my birth and death.  I want to leave behind footprints that lead coming generations to the foot of the cross.  The Family Tree contains the footprints of those who have gone before with an invitation to follow the Lord—come what may.

God’s Question: Will you so live to bless coming generations?

God’s Promise: Whosoever will may join My family.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the blessing of family.

I am sorry I don’t live more with eternity’s values in view.

Thank You for reminding me of what is really important.

Help me so live that my memory is a blessing.


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