With God as My Witness

18 Feb

Genesis 31:  The treaty between Jacob and his father-in-law

Lessons for Living Today:

What is the purpose of a treaty?  swear on Bible In this passage Jacob took his family and possessions and left the home of his father-in-law when he was absent, shearing sheep.  When discovered, Jacob and his group were three days gone.  His father-in-law gathered his men and went after them.  He hoped to bring them back home but when it was evident that Jacob was intent on returning to his birth home—he and his father-in-law made a treaty.  With God as their witness they promised they would not pursue nor hurt one another but asked God to keep things straight between them.

What does it mean to bring God in as a witness?  People, left on their own—apart from God’s influence—are prone to lie.  To invite God into the treaty is to assure one another that they will keep their word—before God and these witnesses.  This is the purpose of a person called to court to swear on the Bible that they are telling the truth.  Even as a child I recall when someone wanted to be sure I was telling the truth they would say “do you swear to God.”

As ambassadors of Christ, we are called to step up to God’s plate and live our daily lives with God as our witness.  Every word we speak, every transaction we partake in, we do so knowing that God is our witness.  It is both an honor and a challenge to be Christ’s ambassador.  Unless a person understands the honor, they will be unable to accept the challenge.  But we who understand the honor are eager to accept the challenge.  We willingly accept God as our witness and go about our daily lives in way that will be a blessing to all others with whom we interact.

God’s Question: Will you accept My challenge?

God’s Promise: Your weakness is made perfect through My strength.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for calling me to a higher standard.

I am sorry I don’t always live as I want to for You.

Thank You for Your forgiveness that encourages me on.

Help me accept the honor and challenge of living for You.


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