The Shade Deepens

17 Feb

Genesis 30:  Jacob’s many children

Lessons for Living Today:

In Jacob’s day life seemed to be all about having sons.  Jacob and sonsThough Jacob’s love was for Rachel he was also given her sister for a wife, and those two wives gave him their maids to have more children. That seems so unthinkable for us today.  Life gets complicated when you add all these women to the mix.  And Jacob’s life got more and more complicated.  The unshaded love story began to gather shade as Jacob looked for the best way to care for his growing family.

How can we avoid living in the shade of poor choices?  The Bible shares stories of the lives of others who made either poor or good choices.  We can avoid the bad choices and go for the good.  Why does it seem we think that it will be different for us?  There is such a bent to make poor choices, expecting a better outcome.  We have something Jacob didn’t—we have the Word of God written to guide us and God’s Holy Spirit to interact with us as we read.  Jacob didn’t have that or Jesus’ example to light the way.

We have all we need to avoid the shade and live abundantly.   But we still end up with having choices to make—good or bad, wise or unwise.  God’s Spirit that indwells those who come to God through belief in Christ can help us make wise life choices.  There is no need to shiver in the shade of bad choices.  We can prayerfully examine all our choices based on God’s good advice found in His Word.  When the shadows of life deepen we can step out into the light of wisdom God’s Word provides and rejoice.

God’s Question: Got any mountains you think are uncrossable?

God’s Promise: I am eager to help you cross over into unchartered territory and claim it successfully.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your presence in Your Word.

I am sorry I too often linger in the shadows.

Thank You for sending Jesus to light up our lives.

Help me share the light with whomever my life touches.


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