The Gate of Heaven

13 Feb

Genesis 28:17  “This is the Gate of Heaven”

Lessons for Living Today:

A vivid dream came to Jacob as he traveled away from home.  jacobs dreamHe dreamed of a stairway leading to heaven with angels going up and down and God Himself speaking.  God passed the blessing of Abraham on to Jacob—“All the families of the Earth will bless themselves in you and your descendants.”  Jacob awoke and said “God is in this place—truly.” Terrified he whispered in awe.  “Incredible.  Wonderful.  Holy. . . . . . .This is the Gate of Heaven.”

We wonder how God would use a scoundrel such as Jacob.  Had he not cheated his brother out of both his birthright and his blessing?  Perhaps this story is teaching us that the Gate of Heaven is not closed to those who don’t achieve perfect behavior.  Jesus Himself was born of this family line of Jacob.  Others, less than perfect, were also in that family line.  Since sinful humans made up the blood line of Jesus then perhaps there is hope for those of us who have been adopted into the family of God.

Just who will be allowed into the Gate of Heaven?  Perfect living is not what initiates us into God’s family, as we see from this story of Jacob.  God considers that we are but made from dust.  I imagine God saying “Well, what can I expect, seeing what I made them from.”   No, it is not perfect living but belief in the God of creation.  Belief in God will naturally include trust in and following His Word.  In His Word we read the story of Jesus, coming to earth as our Savior, to make up for our sin as our perfect sacrifice.  Belief in God leads to belief in and following Jesus who opens the Gate of Heaven. Belief is the key that opens the Gate.  Our obedience initiates us into the very presence of God.

God’s Question: Are you sharing Heaven’s Gate with others?

God’s Promise: Whosoever will may come.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus willing sacrifice for my forgiveness.

I am sorry I am not more willing to sacrifice for others.

Thank You for the way You interact with me in Your Word.

Help me focus more on leading others to Your Gate of Heaven.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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