The Honesty Factor

11 Feb

Genesis 27:  The story of Jacob lying and getting Esau’s blessing.

Lessons for Living Today:

Parental favoritism always has a bad ending. white-lie In this passage, Isaac and Rebecca had twin sons.  Esau was a hunter and Isaac loved him best.  Jacob was a home-body and Rebecca loved him best. Rebecca in wanting the best for Jacob encouraged him to lie to Isaac and convince him that he was Esau. (Isaac was old and blind) By doing so he persuaded his father to give him the family blessing reserved for the oldest son. The family was torn apart and Jacob fled from the country to flee the wrath of Esau.  By Rebecca wanting the best for Jacob—she lost him.

Honesty must be taught and demonstrated by parents in order to instill the honest factor in children.  There is always the temptation to give a little white lie to benefit yourself or your children.  The note to the teacher that the child was sick when really you were going skiing–lays the foundation for future lying. When the child sees the chink in your armor they will use your same tactics to suit their own fancies in the future.  Once the little white lie worms its way into your life—it grows and grows—destroying lives, just like Jacobs.

What motivates honest living when it seems there are so many benefits of lying?  God gives us True North for living life on earth in the Bible. The government can’t force people to be truthful.  As a matter of fact, billions are spent by the court system to try and figure out who is lying.  Taxes could be greatly reduced if we were simply honest.  Relationships are broken, businesses ruined and countries destroyed because of lies.  God’s Word, the True North, offers mankind the solution by the simple statement “do not lie to one another.”   Be the change you wish to see in the world!

God’s Question: Will you tell the truth—even if it hurts?

God’s Promise:  The honest person points mankind to God.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your True North that leads to complete joy.

I am sorry I have sometimes avoided the whole truth.

Thank You for Your ready forgiveness for my failures.

Help me so live that I never need to lie about anything.


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