Who refuses FREE?

5 Feb

Genesis 23:11,12,13  “The field is yours, a gift.  I’ll give it and the cave to you.” Abraham bowed respectfully before the assembled council and answered Ephron:  “Please allow me—I want to pay the price of the land; take my money so that I can go ahead and bury by dead wife.”

Lessons for Living Today:

Free changes everything.  free stuffWhen something is free it is often given with strings attached.  The gift-giver first of all assumes that you have a true need and no others way it can be met.  They assume you will reciprocate in kind as the opportunity arises. They assume you will treat the gift responsibly in appreciation and not spend other monies you have foolishly.  Thus—to accept a free gift is not really free.  Abraham understood this and insisted on paying for his needs.

What about the person who solicits/depends on free handouts for their existence?   The lottery system capitalizes on this by luring people to invest in hopes of winning big and having a free ride for the rest of their lives.  Others have learned how to work the system in order to avoid paying their own way in life.  When children don’t see an honest work ethic in their parents they are unable to develop one on their own.  They succumb to living their lives on societies buck.

A system designed to help the truly destitute has become a way for the undisciplined to get a free ride.  Something subtle and very dangerous happens within the heart of a person without a work ethic.  Their “work” becomes finding ways to keep from working.  Followers of Christ rise above this “get something for nothing” mentality.  We realize the great price Christ “paid” to provide us with salvation, something we could never achieve on our own, and we are motivated to share this life-changing news with others. We are drawn to live our lives following Christ’s example of caring for others who are truly destitute.  As we do for others we do for Christ.

God’s Question: Will you seek honest work to pay your own way?

God’s Promise: I accept your treatment of others personally.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus great sacrifice to provide me salvation.

I am sorry I don’t always follow His example of caring.

Thank You for your forgiving love that draws me back to You.

Help me set a good example for future generations.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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