Am I Listening?

4 Feb

Genesis 22:11  Just then an angel of God called to (Abraham) out of heaven, “Abraham, Abraham!”  “Yes, I’m listening.”

Lessons for Living Today:

We too often have selective hearing when listening for the voice of God.  shepherds voiceWe hear what we want to hear and ignore what we don’t want to hear.  God speaks to us through His Words in the Bible. But He can only speak if we are willing to listen.  Too often we screen God’s voice when it seems too hard or challenging.  Abraham listened to the most difficult of directions—and obeyed.

Beyond listening and obeying awaits the reward.  How many rewards have I missed because of my failure to listen and obey?  God’s Words are available 24/7 for my benefit.  His guidance is not a burden but a blessing.  What may seem like a burden is only a temporary road-block to success.  We must not look for the easy road in life or we will miss our greatest blessings.  To obey God is a constant moving forward process—often into unknown territory where we may not want to go.  But God goes with us as we follow His leading and we will be forever blessed because of our obeying.

How many times have we heard God’s call and turned the other direction?  Jonah did, but Abraham didn’t.  Abraham left a legacy but Jonah only left a good story of what happens when you refuse to listen to God.  Jonah looked for the easy way out while Abraham obeyed God’s call.  What legacy will we leave behind when our days on earth are over?  Will our descendants find in our life’s story a good example of a bad example or a good example of following God through thick and thin?

God’s Question: Will you listen for me to speak in My Word?

God’s Promise: My Word will not return to Me void.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your blessed Word of guidance.

I am sorry I have ignored your guidance far too often.

Thank You for not giving up on me but instead forgiving.

Help me read Your Word and listen for Your guidance.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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