The Blessing of Laughter

3 Feb

Genesis 21:6  (Sarah said, after the birth of her son Isaac at 90 years of age) “God has blessed me with laughter and all who get the news will laugh with me.:

Lessons for Living Today:

Laughter is a release that benefits our bodies in many ways.  laughing
In this passage, Sarah, overjoyed that at long last she had given birth, did what came naturally—she laughed.  And when one person laughs it can’t help but be rubbed off on others.  Laughter is contagious—just like the yawn!  It involves both our emotions and body.  Laughter is actually a complex response that involves many of the same skills used in solving problems. Laughter is no accidental happening by means of evolution.  Our brains are wired for it.  Just as a bird’s brain is wired for song, ours is wired for laughter.

Laughter is meant to be shared.  Just as the bird’s song has a purpose and it responded to by other birds—we enjoy laughter when we have someone to share it with.  But shared laughter can also be destructive when it is used to belittle or degrade another person.  Laugh with me; don’t laugh at me, unless of course I am laughing at myself also.  Those who can laugh at themselves are the kind of people who attract friends.  Laughing together is a bonding exercise. It spans the gulf of silence and puts people on the same page.

God gave us the gift of laughter to be a blessing to our lives. It has actual physical benefit to our bodies and draws us together with others.  It offers a natural break in the pain cycle.  When our oldest son was a preschooler he had a terrible earache and was screaming in pain.  Nothing helped until we put on a funny cartoon and he got involved and quit screaming.  Not only did that bless him but it blessed us too.  Look at laughter as a way to be a blessing to others not merely an accidental incident along the road of life.

God’s Question: How will you use laughter to bless others?

God’s Promise: Laughter is one of My blessings in your life.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the diversion of laughter in tense times.

I am sorry I take life too seriously and don’t laugh more.

Thank You for this reminder of the blessing of laughter.

Help me bless others by what I choose to laugh about.


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