The Danger of Assumptions

2 Feb

Genesis 20:11  Abraham said, “I just assumed that there was no fear of God in this place.”

Lessons for Living Today:

Our assumptions fuel our words and deeds.  assumptionsWe plow ahead based on our assumptions—just as though they were fact.  Assumptions are our thoughts based upon ignorance.  We don’t know all the facts so our mind fills in the blanks—either from fear or over confidence—and we proceed as thought our assumptions were spot on.  They seldom are.  A world of ills results because of assumptions on every hand.  In this passage Abraham caused a big problem because of his assumption which motivated him to “save his own neck.”

What a better world it would be if we would all assume the best about one another. Jesus was the only one who could assume, since He knew the thoughts of a person’s heart.  We can’t do that yet we live as though we could.  By assuming what another is planning, we move forward with our own plans.  And often we are left to pick up the pieces of a broken relationship.  Assumptions are such a foolish way to interact with others.  Whatever happened to “treat others as you wish to be treated?”

Assumptions and intentions are fluid;  don’t treat them as facts.  Let’s be honest and open in all our relationships with others and not try to read between the lines.  As you go about your day see how many times your words or deeds are based on what you “thought or assumed” about another person.  Stick with the obvious facts, look for the good and bring out the best in one another.  And when another assumes something about you—don’t get all riled but remember that you assume far too often yourself.  Forgive others in the same way you forgive your own shortcomings.

God’s Question: Will you look for opportunities to forgive today?

God’s Promise: As you forgive others—I forgive you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for bringing out the best in me.

I am sorry I don’t look more for the good in others.

Thank You for reminding me of the danger of assumptions.

Help me live with open honesty and ready forgiveness.


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