The Victims Outcry

28 Jan

Genesis 19:13a  The outcry of victims here to God are deafening.

Lessons for Living Today:

In God’s gifting of mankind with choice—that doesn’t mean all choices are equally good choices. help me Every choice we make has ripples of effect to not only those around us but for generations to come. In God’s mercy he has provided us with a guiding light—His Word the Bible to help us make the choices that will most benefit ourselves and those around us.  When some ignore the guidance of God the result will be chaos and injustice.  In this passage the residents of the city of Sodom, long before the invention of the computer and access to porn, had chosen to live in sexual perversion.

When the outcry of the victims became deafening to God—He stepped in. If God stepped in, at every little infraction, that would be taking away freedom of choice.  He is patient  but His patience will not last forever.  In this passage the outcry of the victims was so bad that God decided to destroy the city.  Not only did the perpetrators’ die but the innocent victims died too.  No, life isn’t fair but we make our choices and live, or die, with the consequences.

The Bible was not provided to limit our freedoms but to give us boundaries of safety for living.  When these boundaries are broken through, disregarded and ignored, there are many victims.  Sometimes the victims’ only hope is in crying out to God.  He does hear and send relief through those who have become His ambassadors.  Sadly, even His ambassadors too often have their ears closed to the cry of the victims.  Sometimes, they choose to look the other way. To ignore evil is to encourage evil.  As God’s ambassadors we are called to overcome evil with good.

God’s Question: What will you do to help innocent victims today?

God’s Promise: Strength and courage to combat evil.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for hearing the cry of all victims.

I am sorry I have many times turned my eyes from victims.

Thank You for reminding me to aggressively share Your love.

Help me make wise choices that benefit others—for You.


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