What Really Matters?

19 Jan

Genesis 14:

Lessons for Living Today:

The easy life Lot had chosen turned out to have some tar pits.  what-really-mattersMore than once Abram had to come to Lot’s rescue.  In this passage, the city Lot had chosen to live in, Sodom was attacked by strong kings.  Lot was taken captive.  Abram mustered up all of his servants and chased after the captors.  Abram’s wise planning made it possible to recover all the prisoners plus all the plunder.  Abram had no interest in the plunder; his goal was to free his nephew Lot.  Then Lot returned to Sodom which was a tar pit of evil.

Lucky for us that God cares for us as Abram cared for Lot.  He is always standing by with our best interests in mind.  How many times do we choose the “easy life” and end up in more trouble than ever? We cry out for God to rescue us and determine to do “better” if we just have another “chance.”  But once rescued, the “easy life” just seems to fall back in our lap.  We can know this, the “easy life” is not what it seems, and the tar pits are plentiful.

What really matters is to preserve relationships. Abram was there for Lot because he was family.  It did not matter that Lot’s troubles were a result of his own foolish choices.  Abram saw a spark of goodness in Lot that he was trying to “fan into flame.”  He looked for the good in Lot rather than pointed out his failures.  How blessed our relationships would be if we would emulate Abram in looking for the good in others.  God knows the spark of goodness he has placed in the heart of each person born.  He will never give up on us and let us not give up on one another.

God’s Question: Who will you reach out to today to rescue?

God’s Promise: My love is waiting for you to share with another.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for this reminder to rescue the weak.

I am sorry I have too often turned away from others.

Thank You that You will never turn from me.

Help me be Your ambassador to rescue others.


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