16 Jan

Genesis 13:12  Lot settled in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent near Sodom.

Lessons for Living Today:

The location of our homes influences our whole life.  Lots choiceWhat criteria do you use when choosing where to live?  Lot was looking for the easiest place to graze his many flocks and herds.  He failed to check out the community around him to discover the moral temperament of the folks living there.  By the time he settled in and made the discovery he decided to make the best of it.  Perhaps he could “make a difference” for the Lord.

It appears that Lot was looking for the easy life.  His uncle Abram had given him the choice of where to live and he made his choice based on first appearances.  His life was forever changed based on that choice.  When we make choices we must not grasp for what appears best and easiest.  Looks are deceiving.  Our lives are changed, for the better or worse, based on our choices.  What at first appears to be a perfect location (choice) may end in disaster.

Morality sets the temperature for the community.  God’s Word gives us the instruction about how to live a moral life.  To set His instructions aside is to invite disaster.  “The people of Sodom were evil—flagrant sinners against God.”  All sin is to spit in the face of God.  Sin destroys families, communities and nations.  God’s Word helps us avoid the sins that destroy.  To ignore His Word is to invite destruction.  What “location” is your moral temperature set on?  The lives of future generations depend upon your choices today!

God’s Question: Will you invite Me to help you make choices?

God’s Promise: I stand ready to help you make wise choices if you ask for My guidance.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your guidance and protection in my life.

I am sorry I have often made choices that were foolish.

Thank You for protecting me through it all.

Help me make choices to benefit future generations.


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