Get the BIG Picture

14 Jan

Genesis 11: The Tower of Babble

Lessons for Living Today:

Building our “empire” today doesn’t secure the future.  Tower of BabelThe people in this chapter had a plan.  They thought if they built a huge tower that reached “heaven” they would become famous and draw all mankind to themselves.  Their only thought of the future was to benefit self rather than benefit all of mankind.  But God knew what would benefit mankind so he stepped in and changed their plans by garbling their speech so they could no longer understand each other.  From then all the people scattered around the world.

Plan as we will; only God knows the future.  God wanted the earth populated and knew the dangers of in-breeding.  When He saw the people making a big mistake in their planning He was forced to step in.  How often do we make big plans and when they are thwarted we blame God.  Most times the thwarting is our own fault but we want someone to blame and God is the scapegoat.  Thankfully God does lead and direct those who look to Him and His Word.  When our big picture includes benefitting others and honoring God we know God has directed our endeavor.

When our future plans include God’s heaven–it is secure.  No matter what happens on this earth we have His heavenly empire to enjoy for eternity.  This world is not our home, we are just passing through.  Then when sickness, disease and sorrow thwart our path we must remember that God is there with us with His undying love and compassion.  The peace He provides is positively powerful!   Know God—know your future.  No God—no future, no matter how well we may plan.

God’s Question: What are your plans for today?

God’s Promise: Call to Me, I will answer.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your peace in spite of pain.

I am sorry I ever worry over the future.

Thank You for always being there for me.

Help me to always be there for others.


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