The Forever Family Tree

13 Jan

Genesis 10:1  This is the family tree of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

Lessons for Living Today:

What is the value of tracing the family tree?  family treeThere is a deep sense of identity when a person knows those who came before them—whose very blood flows in their veins.  It gives me a feeling of responsibility.  My ancestors’ lives are over.  All that they lived for and strove to accomplish are done—finished–but I am here and alive today.  What advice would they give me, if they could, about what is really important in life?  When I understand what was important to them, it gives me direction and a sense of being grounded.

The past is the foundation upon which our lives are laid.  God provided us all with a firm foundation through the Bible and invites all to become part of His forever family tree.  The ancestry charts that fill the pages of the Bible are our ancestry charts.  We belong!  All of humanity is woven into the tapestry of the Bible.  We can read the Bible to find out what “our ancestors” spent their lives doing.  We can choose today what we spend our lives doing.

Choose today how you want to be remembered—then get busy.  We are living links in God’s forever family tree.  Let’s grasp all that is good, pure and holy from the past lives of those who have gone before and seek to pass it on.  Let’s give our descendants something to live up to—not a skeleton in their closet.  The life’s choices Jesus made changed human history by his sacrifice on behalf of you and me. He invited us to join His forever family.  We can choose to join His family and live our lives with purpose and meaning—as He did.

God’s Question: Will your branch of the “tree” flourish or wilt?

God’s Promise: Whoever will come to Jesus joins My family tree.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your amazing Word that gives me direction.

I am sorry I don’t always obey Your Word.

Thank You for even wanting me in Your family.

Help me invite others to join Your forever family.


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