The First Rainbow

12 Jan

Genesis 9: 15-17  “I’m setting up My covenant with you that never again will everything living be destroyed by floodwaters. . . . I’m putting My rainbow in the clouds as a reminder of this covenant between Me and everything living on the earth.”

Lessons for Living Today:

We humans enter into all kinds of covenants in a lifetime.  rainbowJust what is a covenant?  It is a promise or a guarantee that will be kept.  Yet how many give their promise or guarantee with their fingers crossed—never meaning to keep their word?  Not so with God!  What He has said will come to pass.  But wait!  What all has He said?  Unless you read His Word you won’t know.  Don’t accept anyone else’s word—read it yourself.

Every rainbow is a reminder of God’s faithfulness.  Before the flood, that had been no rainbows.  Why?  There had been no rain.  The earth was watered by ground waters rising.  (Just think—no rainy day blues) When Noah and his family saw that first rainbow it was astounding.  And every time we see a rainbow we look up, point and saw “Oh wow—look at the rainbow.”

Let every rainbow be a reminder of God’s eternal faithfulness. What God has said, will come to pass.  He knows our future and is eager to help us make it through this life with as little pain as possible.  When Adam and Eve chose to sin, pain entered the world.  Pain continues because humanity continues to choose to sin.  The flood was a result of sin.  The rainbow is a reminder that God is in control.  As we read His Word we become aware of His great love and sorrow over our sin.  Jesus came to eradicate the results of our sin.  “Let our lives be like windows where God’s love can shine through, reflecting his goodness whatever we do.”

God’s Question: What on earth are you doing for heaven’s sake?

God’s Promise: You can count on My covenant!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your Word that gives us comfort and hope.

I am sorry I am not being a better example of Your love.

Thank You that every rainbow is a sign of Your love.

Help me so live that others are drawn to God.


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