The Conscious Prickiing

12 Nov

God’s WordRevelation 11:1-19  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Everyone hates a conscious pricker. consciousness Because I gave everyone the freedom of choice they think that means free of restrictions.  Freedom in your country doesn’t mean free of restrictions.  Of course not!  It means living together, within the boundaries of safety and concern for the good of all.  In the same manner, My Word does not restrict but provides boundaries of safety that will provide the happiest life possible.  But to those who want to create their own boundaries, thinking they are simply exercising their rights and freedoms, they will reject My Word.  That means they will reject those who follow Me.

The one who lies does not like being called a liar.  Nor does the cheater endure being called a cheater.  My Word identifies those who step beyond the boundaries and they don’t like being thus identified.  Does that mean My followers must keep this knowledge to themselves? Look around you!  My followers have fallen down on the job and are not speaking up when they see direct violations to My boundaries of personal and national safety.  Yes, mankind is free to make their own choices of lifestyles but the consequences of leaving My Word out of the equation will result in disaster—personally and nationally.

In today’s world those who adhere to My Word are called haters. They claim that to disagree or to “prick a conscious” is to hate.  You must show them that you do disagree but your love for them does not stop because of how they treat you.  It is only natural for those who reject Me to reject you.  Jesus was rejected for these same reasons.  No one wants their conscious pricked yet to ignore My Word is to invite disaster.  Better a prick than the disaster that will follow.

God’s Question: Will you dare to speak up for My Word?

God’s Promise: Though skies will not always be blue,  I will always be there for you!

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your Word of loving guidance.

I am Sorry I do not stand up for You more.

Thank You for Your example of love and forgiveness.

Please Help Me willingly let You speak through my life.


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