When Heaven is Silent

7 Nov

God’s WordRevelation 8: 1-13  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Silence speaks more than you can imagine. silence You may think that My silence to your prayers means I am ignoring you or don’t care about you.  That is not so.  Your vantage point of life puts you at the center with all else revolving around you. Consider your life from My vantage point—I see the big picture and the repercussions and end result of your requests.  Your goal is to make your life like a smooth sailing vacation with never an ill wind blowing.  That is not My goal for you.  I know what it takes to make you strong and resilient to the winds of change.  I just ask you to trust Me—it will be worth it all.

You wonder why I don’t put an end to evil, sickness and death.  That will happen—but not on this earth.  Heaven is what you long for.  I have given mankind freedom of choice and unfortunately you are often hurt in others pursuit of their freedoms.  I have created the laws of gravity that keep you from floating off into space.  But those laws also cause disaster when two vehicles try to occupy the same space at one time.  Life on the earth is not meant to be heaven on earth.

I speak volumes through My silence.  My grace is sufficient for you.  Whatever may come into your life I am available to walk with you through it, sustain you and give you a peace that passes understanding.  I am present in the silence.  You may ask for healing and I heal your spirit and mind with peace that is sufficient to carry you through the deepest of pain and suffering.  The key is to trust and just rest in Me.  Whatever may come into your life I can weave into beauty in your character and use it to bless scores of others.  So I ask you to simply trust Me—even when you think I am silent and unavailable.  I am there present and available with My compassion and presence.

God’s Question: Will you trust in Me when your world crumbles?

God’s Promise: My presence is sufficient for all your need.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the assurance of Your presence.

I am Sorry I worry too much about what I can’t change.

Thank You for reminding me you are always present.

Please Help Me be available to support and help others.


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