Just What is Worship?

3 Nov

God’s WordRevelation 4:1-11  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Worship is giving honor to whom honor is due. celebrity worshipWorship is acknowledging that another is supreme to self and deserves your devotion and attention.  Worship is done in many ways.  Churches gather to worship together by singing praises, prayers, scripture reading and teaching of that scripture.  There is solidarity within the group as they join together in this time of worship.  They set all other endeavors aside to attend this time of group worship.  But is this the only way a person worships?

You worship that which you devote your time, attention and money to elevate.  My Word warns against turning inanimate objects into objects of worship.  Homes can turn into temples full of collections of precious objects that are given high personal value.  Worship of other people is rampant.  Thousands gather to worship at the sports complex.  Still more thousands gather to worship a celebrated singer or speaker.  Not only do they gather but they spend millions in this act of worship.  While they would never call it worship it is quite obvious that it is truly worship—deserving of time, money and attention.

Chose with caution that which you worship.  I created worship so you and I have a way to connect.  When you worship Me you are connecting with the eternal—and that can never be taken away. All other things you worship are temporary—beautiful homes, luxury vacations, elaborate collections, sports teams, or famed celebrities. The danger is that when you get caught up in worship of these things of the earth you crowd out the time for our connection through worship. Therefore, use caution of that which you worship.  Let nothing on this earth separate the spiritual and eternal bond you and I can share.

God’s Question: Is there something you value above My worship?

God’s Promise: Only our connection, through worship, lasts eternally.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the blessing of worshipping You.

I am Sorry I let other things crowd out time for You.

Thank You that Your holy presence is always present.

Please Help Me keep You on the throne of my heart.


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