Bragging Rights

13 Oct

God’s Word: 2 Corinthians 11:16-33 (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Why do people brag?  braggartIsn’t it to elevate self and draw attention to their superiority? One thing you may notice is that braggarts seldom brag in their own home town.  There they are known by their actions and if they do brag-worthy things others brag on them.  The braggart usually doesn’t do much but talks a lot.  He wants the acclaim but doesn’t want to go to the trouble of achieving it by hard work.  These people are often so desirous of acclaim that they will outright lie to receive that attention.

This is especially sad when the person bragging, and lying, is doing it under the guise of Christianity.  Unfortunately, Satan works hardest within the Christian community—to tear it down.  He is very sly in how he worms his way into a person’s life. They often start honest and with good intentions but wanting acclaim without the hard work they start stretching the truth.  The farther they stretch it the easier it is to stretch until they are completely duped into outright lying.  Then, to maintain their status, they become egomaniacs to protect their lies. Greed completely takes over the good intentions they began with.

Therefore, put the skids on when you hear yourself bragging.  Remember that the only ones who have bragging rights forfeit them out of humility.  If you must brag, brag about another person.  Make it your goal to elevate others and you will win friends for life.  But don’t patronize them—honestly look for the good and brag about every ounce of good you find.  In doing so it is like adding a growth hormone to the one you brag about and all those within hearing distance.  When you are around people should have no reason to brag because you do all the bragging on them they need to feel significant.

God’s Question: Have you heard yourself bragging lately?

God’s Promise: My heart is blessed by the humble.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for this insight to uplift others.

I am Sorry I have too often succumbed to bragging.

Thank You for reminding me of how to brag.

Please Help Me look for the good in others.


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