The Sad Masquerade

10 Oct

God’s Word2 Corinthians 11:1-15  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

It happens all the time.  Who can you trust when so many are putting on the “truth and honesty” mask just to lure you in?man_pedestal Or, they may be putting on that mask to gain entry themselves—for evil purposes.  It pays to have checks and balances—even on you.  It used to be the family home was the haven of safety.  But now the evil one has gained access to the privacy of your home—through media and the internet.  Not only that, but most carry that media with them wherever they go.  They have become addicted to the media and disconnected from life.

My heart breaks over those who don the “mask of religion” to gain access and make a buck.  Their deception does great harm to those who place their trust in them.  They usually start innocent enough with good motives but greed begins to creep in and they start to compromise their convictions.  When a group of people begin treating someone as their “hero” or “savior,” that person is walking on dangerous ground.  Success goes quickly to the head unless the person is honest and humble before Me.  Yes, some take the abilities I have given them and use them dishonestly to elevate self.

Therefore, examine yourself daily and look to My Word for guidance.  Don’t put any human on a pedestal for that is a dangerous place to be.  Humanity can’t live on the pedestal—nearly always falling off.  And the fall always affects scores of others.  Instead of putting someone on a pedestal and worshipping the ground they walk on, pray often for them to remain humble.  And if the one on the pedestal is you take off the mask, climb down from the pedestal, before you fall—for fall you will. No one deserves the pedestal more than Jesus.  Be sure He is the one you worship above all.

God’s Question: Are you wearing a mask or living in humility?

God’s Promise: The pedestal of Heaven awaits the humble.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus’ fleshing out humility?

I am Sorry I too have enjoyed the pedestal.

Thank You for helping me to live honestly.

Please Help Me model my life after Jesus.


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