Intelligent Design

15 Sep

God’s Word: I Corinthians 12:1-31 (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

For many years now scientists have been working to disprove My existence? beginningThey clearly see the intelligence behind the design of the universe but they search for other answers because they want to be in charge.  They fear that if they recognize My design they will somehow lose some credibility.  My people have failed Me here!  Scientists should be drawn to believe in Me because of the words and deeds of My followers.  Instead, too often, My followers stand back and shake their heads instead of getting involved in expanding knowledge of Me.

Ironic isn’t it?  The very intelligence I gave to mankind they are using to try to disprove My existence.  Do you realize how many millions of dollars and man hours are invested in this fruitless effort?  I have many more things to be discovered in this world but much effort is wasted trying to “prove” that I don’t exist.  They have gone so far as to “cheat” and give false information in order to strike out against Me.  But facts don’t lie!  I am God.  I created the universe and all that is in it and provide all with the very air to breathe.

My Spirit is ALIVE and works through My people.  And who are My people?  Those who have discovered Me in My Word, believe it, and give their lives to living out these truths and reaching out to others with love and compassion.  These people I have gifted with various abilities to minister to the needs of others and demonstrate My love and power.  Everyone’s invited to get it on it.  Everyone benefits!  Too often, even My followers get focused on success—using their abilities to benefits self.  Instead, focus on impact—using your abilities to benefit others.  That is putting the intelligence you were gifted with to the best use possible—for everyone in the world.

God’s Question: Are you using your intelligence to benefit others?

God’s Promise: Your intelligence was gifted from Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the blessing of discovering who You are.

I am Sorry I still get off-track in living my life.

Thank You for the way Your Word calls me back to You.

Please Help Me use what You have given me to benefit others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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