Should a Christian Drink Alcohol?

8 Sep

God’s WordI Corinthians 8:1-13  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

You are certainly free to drink alcohol if you choose. alcoholMy Word does not forbid it though it does give a word of caution.  Therefore it is a matter of your own conscience.  Consider the consequences before tipping the bottle.  Who is following your example?  Scores of people are dealing with an alcohol addiction.  Is that your problem?  Well, yes, it is.  I ask you to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone can handle a drink now and then.  When they see you, a fellow Christian, tipping the bottle, it is an invitation to them to partake also.  Your influence has hurt them.

My request is that in whatever you choose to do, you do it in a way that honors Me and encourages others.  As fellow travelers on this life’s road you need to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone is at the same level of understanding.  Today, in America, there are 12 million alcoholics.  $197 million is being spent each day on alcohol.  As a part of an alcoholic’s path to clean up their act—many turn to churches.  They will always be vulnerable to the temptation of alcohol.  What happens to them when the new friends they make at church break out the bottle?

Yes, you are given the freedom to drink, but I implore you to choose wisely.  When you use your freedom in a way that leads a fellow believer, trying to rid their life of alcoholism, to be thrown off track—I hold you responsible.  Christ gave up His life for that person.  When you hurt your friend, causing him to stumble, you hurt Christ. As a follower of Christ, your mission in life is to live your life as an example that others can follow. What about your children?  If you drink, even occasionally, are you giving them permission to drink?  And how would you know but one of them were prone to alcoholism?  The safest way my friend, for the sake of all others, is to avoid alcohol.

God’s Question: Will you honor Me in all you do?

God’s Promise: I give you freedom to choose wisely.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the freedom of choice.

I am Sorry I so often make foolish choices.

Thank You for loving me with all my failures.

Please Help Me love and encourage others to follow You


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