Deal With It!

3 Sep

God’s Word: I Corinthians 5:1-13   (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Don’t become so “anti-judge” that you simply turn your head when blatant sin is taking place even within the church. ignore The judging I am telling you NOT to do is to condemn others when you don’t have all the facts.  But what you all must do it make righteous judgments and take action when the facts are laid out for all to see.  I am talking here about making judgments within the church.  In this passage scandalous sex was taking place and the other church members were so “above it” that it didn’t even faze them.  Instead, they should have confronted and dealt with it.

In such matters you must not ignore it and hope it goes away on its own.  Still, you must do it in love and not as a condemnation.  The goal of your confrontation is to turn a brother away from evil.  While it won’t be easy you are dealing with eternal matters here; better a little embarrassment and devastation now than damnation for eternity. When open sin takes place within the church it should break your hearts and drive you to your knees in tears.  These are your brothers and sisters and I hold you accountable to deal with it.

The church is the body of Christ.  Therefore, you shouldn’t act as if everything is fine when a friend who claims to be a Christian is promiscuous or crooked, is flip with Me or rude to friends, gets drunk or becomes greedy and predatory.  To refuse to deal with it says to everyone both inside and outside the church that this is acceptable behavior.  You betray Christ when you ignore sin within the church.  Satan likes nothing better than to trip up a Christ-follower.  So do not listen to or pass on gossip but if it comes to your attention deal with it.

God’s Question: Will your heart break over what breaks mine?

God’s Promise: Yes, you are your brother’s keeper.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the brotherhood of believers.

I am Sorry for ignoring sin.

Thank You for reminding me to deal with sin.

Please Help Me care so much for my fellow believers that I must  speak up when I see them openly living in sin.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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