The Debt to Love

19 Aug

God’s Word: Romans 13:8-14   (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Going into debt is always bad news. love 1 There are many types of debt that bind you.  There is financial debt that keeps you so strapped you are unable to share with others as they have needs.  There is time commitment debt.  You over-commit to so many things that you have no time to share with others in their need.  There is the debt of addiction that robs your family and others of your best you.  Too often people get it all backwards.  They devote all their money, time and resources to caring for self with no regards as to the needs of others.

Jesus came to earth to share a new way of living—the debt to love.  He spent His entire life focused on the needs of others; feeding them, healing them, teaching them, and spending time with them.  Love sent Him to earth to show you how to live out life in the debt of love.  He left you with the mandate to “love others as well as you love yourself.”  But that is only the starting place.  Then He went one step further and said, “Love others as I have loved you.”  Now what would that look like in your everyday life?

Don’t waste a precious minute; don’t squander your time in frivolity and indulgence.  I gave you your life and it is only on loan and that means you have a debt of love to Me.  But I am not physically present so how can you pay that debt?  You make payments each time you “spend” your time, money or energy blessing another person.  You would do well to remember that I take your treatment of others personally—just as though you had done it for Me.  You pay your debt to love by the things you say and do for others.  So live that when you die there is no debt remaining.

God’s Question: Made any payments on your debt to love lately?

God’s Promise: I interpret your love for others as love for Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the wonderful example of Jesus love.

I am Sorry I get so “involved” that I ignore others.

Thank You for this reminder about what is most important.

Please Help Me make daily payments on my debt to love.


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