The Bible in a Nutshell

28 Jul

God’s Word: Romans 5:12-21

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

In the beginning—My world was perfect—and then I chose to create humanity.  bible-in-a-nutshellOh I do love the beauty of the growing things, the rivers, the seas and the animals interacting in My creation.  But My greatest longing was for someone I could interact with—so my final creation was mankind.  We had a wonderful fellowship in the garden until they decided they wanted more and choose to step outside of My protective boundaries.  With that decision to want more, instead the natural consequence was death.  Embedded in the desire for “more” is the birth of selfishness.  Selfishness brings forth death.

Death was really My blessing to preserve the world.  If I would have allowed Adam and Eve to live on forever the world would have gotten more wicked sooner and would have destroyed itself before now.  Instead, death meant that wickedness would not reign forever.  Each new generation gives new hope that the world will be a better place. To help mankind live in some sort of harmony I gave them laws to govern their behavior.  But wherever there are laws there are lawbreakers.

Realizing that mankind would never redeem themselves from sin and selfishness—I offered a truce through Jesus’ life and death.  Through Adam, all came under the curse of death, I sent Jesus to turn the tide away from death to life eternal.  He lived a perfect life—and the sinful world could not tolerate such a perfect one. Jealousy caused them to get rid of Him and they chose a crucifixion to end His life.  But they found they could not end his life when He rose from the dead and appeared to over 500 people with His message of forgiveness and life eternal to all who would accept His peace-offering.

God’s Question: The choice is yours: death or life eternal.

God’s Promise: You can outlive life by choosing Jesus.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your wonderful plan to redeem us.

I am Sorry we are so stubborn and live selfishly.

Thank You for Your forgiveness and grace.

Please Help Me winningly extend forgiveness to others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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