How to get what’s coming to you?

4 Jul

God’s Word: Romans 2:1-16

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Many people hope that their good balances out their bad.  paid it all They hope I am tracking all their goodness and ignoring all their bad.  They think that by pointing fingers at others badness it will detract from their own.  “After all,” they think, “I’m surely not as bad as those others so I hope God will get them and overlook my few faults.  I deserve a break.  Surely God can see that!”  I see it all friend but I see far more than the deeds you do and the words you say.  I see the intentions of your heart.  As a matter of fact, I created you with good intentions.  It is up to you to carry them out.

The bottom line is overcoming the bad with the good.   That is your assignment for life.  You will always have temptations and failures—always.  There was only one person that lived a perfect life—Jesus Christ.  He realized that you would never be able to outdo your bad list with good so He volunteered to stand in the gap for you.  His death was a sacrificial one to give you life—eternal.  He overcame your bad with His good.  Does that mean everyone’s slate is wiped clean?  Yes, everyone who accepts Jesus slate-wiping forgiveness.  It’s accepted simply by belief in Him, baptism for the forgiveness of your sin, and making Him Lord of your life.

So. . .will you get what is coming to you?  I have made every provision possible to deliver you from punishment for your sin but I leave the choice up to you.  Choose Jesus and redeem your life from now through eternity.  Reject Jesus and live eternally with the consequences.  Jesus is your life-boat and invites you to hop aboard.  He has plenty of room for everyone on his boat but just like in the days of Noah—people rejected their own salvation.

God’s Question: Do you want Jesus or what’s coming to you?

God’s Promise: Jesus offer of forgiveness transcends your worst sin.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your eagerness to forgive.

I am Sorry I am not so easy to forgive others.

Thank You for reminding me of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Please Help Me invite many to climb aboard your life-boat.


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