You are a Servant!

2 Jul

God’s Word: Romans 1:1-17

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

You are a servant of that which you serve.  clock-collection-550x365Some are a servant to their possessions, their home, their manicured yard, their children, or to themselves.  You serve that which you hold in highest regard.  Jesus was your servant.  He lived and died with you on His heart.  There is nothing you can do to deserve this service He willingly gave you.  His hope is that you will emulate his service on your behalf by placing relationships with others at the top of your service list.  Every day you encounter people defeated and depressed, lonely and loveless.  Your smile, your kindness, can turn the tide for them.

What satisfaction do you receive from that which you serve?  “Things” cannot give you satisfaction because they all have an expiration date.  A beautiful home, a new car, a beloved hobby or a new boat will never satisfy yet you serve them daily by working hard to make the payments and keep them looking great—yet they continue to expire.  You easily become enslaved to possessions.  That satisfaction is temporary and is soon replaced with a desire for more and better.  Instead, focus on things without an expiration date—relationships.

You nurture the eternal when you serve others.  As a matter of fact—our spirits unite as you care for another.  You don’t have to be employed as a hospice caregiver to serve another.  Take whatever are your everyday activities and the people with whom you come in contact and be an encourager and giver of hope.  As you touch another in meaningful ways I too am touched and encouraged by your care.  You cannot do a kind thing for another without Me being warmed.  You cannot do a cruel thing to another without Me being hurt.  As you do to or for others—you are doing to or for Me.

God’s Question: Whose servant are you?

God’s Promise: There is an invisible line between loving others and loving Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus example of loving service for me.

I am Sorry I fail to place relationships as #1.

Thank You for Your Word that helps me find satisfaction.

Please Help Me be Your servant unto others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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