Jumping to Conclusions

30 Jun

God’s Word: Acts 28:1-9 

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Stick to jumping for your health but don’t jump to conclusions. jump to conclusionsMany lives are ruined because of jumping to conclusions.  Others witness one scene and make assumptions and draw conclusions. If that weren’t bad enough then they spread their decisions around until no one knows fact from fiction.  This seems to be the national pastime.  It has been glorified and solidified via the news media and gossip chain

Why are people so prone to jumping to conclusions?  It is a direct violation of My Word which says to treat others as you wish to be treated.  Yet there seems to be such a strong draw to think badly of others as though it somehow elevated self.  It becomes a vicious cycle of hurt and damage to self and others.  The person who passes on such malicious information is as guilty as the one who initiated it.  Have you helped the situation any by discussing it openly?  Jumping to conclusions says more about your lack of concern for others than anything.  That too is a direct violation of My Word.

My Word is given to establish boundaries of safety in relationships.   Jumping to conclusion means you are jumping outside of those safe boundaries.  When you witness or hear some tidbit of information, before you begin making judgments, or pass it on, ask Me for wisdom.  Jumping to conclusions always means you have jumped ahead of Me instead of drawing Me into the situation.  I am not an entity that you go to church to draw near to.  My presence dwells with those who have come into relationship with Me through Christ’s forgiveness.  That same forgiveness you so desire I implore you to pass on to others.  Forgiveness you don’t give others, you will not receive from Me.

God’s Question: Will you stop jumping and start forgiving?

God’s Promise: To forgive another is to secure My forgiveness.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your wonderful boundaries of protection.

I am Sorry I way too often jump over those boundaries.

Thank You for Your willingness to forgive.

Please Help Me ask for your help in decisions.


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