A Rose Garden Life

25 Jun

God’s Word: Acts 24: 13-27

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Following Christ does not mean your life will be a rose garden. Roses 46th annivAs a matter of fact, do not be surprised if your abuses escalate. To change your way of living will have repercussions from your friends.  What you once thought was a great pastime will now have little attraction.  Your friends may feel slighted or call you “goody two-shoes.”  Instead of being glad for your new-found freedom they will assume you are now looking down your nose at them.  Take precaution to not let this happen.  Your love for them should intensify, not cool.  Discover ways to be creative in showing them the love of Christ.

A rose garden life can be found in the midst of whatever circumstances you find yourself.  My peace I give you—not as the world gives—for it is in inner peace that passes understanding.  When you accept My transforming peace it turns your overwhelming troubles into a rose garden.  Wherever your path of life takes you My peace travels with you.  Are you in prison—smell the roses!  Are you in pain—smell the roses!  Are you in need—smell the roses!  No matter your circumstances there will always be roses of joy for My followers.

When the weeds of life threaten to choke out your joy you have the power to turn them into roses.  My Spirit of joy can become your spirit of joy and find the roses among the thorns.  Some of the happiest people have had the greatest challenges to endure.  Circumstances do not dictate your joy.  It comes from My artesian well springing up with eternal peace and joy beyond comprehension.  So yes, you can have a rose garden life as My follower wherever your path may take you.

God’s Question: Can you smell the roses among your pain?

God’s Promise:  Nothing can separate you from My peace.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for peace in the midst of turmoil.

I am Sorry I don’t always smell the roses.

Thank You for peace that passes understanding.

Please Help Me spread the fragrance of your love.


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