What’s Your Response?

24 Jun

God’s Word: Acts 25:1-12

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Being verbally attacked when undeserved is a difficult thing to endure.  abusedRemember that Jesus well knows what that feels like.  You might feel like you are the only one ever attacked so viciously—but no one was ever attacked as Jesus.  His attackers didn’t stop with verbal abuse but physical to the point of nailing Him to a cross to die. In this passage, Paul was receiving extreme accusations, none of which could be proved to be true.  Notice that Paul, much like Jesus, did not respond to his attackers with like treatment.  Your life will be much easier if you can put this method into practice.

 You gain nothing and lose much when you respond to attacks with attacks of your own.  This is a dead-end street and turns more vicious by the moment.  Though it might not make sense to you My advice of “turn the other cheek,” is sound advice.  There is no other way to silence the attackers.  No, it does not mean you are a weakling or a coward.  It means you are relying upon My strength to carry you through. And carrying you through is My specialty.

This advice I give is for those of you who are truly innocent of the accusations.  If you have done wrong then face the music.  If not, follow this advice of “turn the other cheek.”  As often, My advice often flows down the opposite stream of your own inclinations.  Lashing back is your natural response.  Turning the other cheek is My natural response that I will give you the strength to do.  Look ahead to the end result; when both parties go for the throat, everyone loses.  Plan ahead so you’re response won’t be caught off guard when falsely accused.   Follow Jesus’ example!

God’s Question:  Whose example will you choose to follow?

God’s Promise: When you are weakest I am your strength!

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your strength in every storm of life.

I am Sorry for not turning my cheek more often.

Thank You for Jesus’ perfect example for living.

Please Help Me follow Jesus example and live in Your strength.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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