Using Your Sweet Spot

18 Jun

God’s Word: Acts 23:1-10

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Your sweet spot is the place where you are at your best, content and thankful to be there. I created you for thatsewing spot, not only for your own comfort but so that you would reach out to others with the same comfort you have received from Me.  As you have received—pay it forward.  There are many good and kind things you can do for others.  I challenge you to use your sweet spot to make an eternal difference in the lives of others—not just lighten their load for today.

Discover how to use your sweet spot to raise awareness of the eternal.   I love it when you donate to the food bank or sew pillow cases for children in the hospital. But My challenge is to dig deeper into your sweet spot.  More than just donating food encourage others to be givers also.  More than just sewing pillow cases, teach others how to sew so they can participate in sewing for others.  Use your sweet spot as a connection to My sweet spot—love for humanity that opens up the door to eternal life.

Find activities that engage others rather than doing your good deeds in isolation.  Don’t just pass out pillowcases—engage others in making pillowcases.  Don’t just pass out fish—teach others to fish.  It is a simple matter of multiplication.  You can make 100 pillow cases in isolation or train ten others to each make 10.  And then those 10 can each train others to make pillowcases.  Multiply your effort by using your sweet spot for more than your own pleasure.  There is no replacement for the satisfaction of engaging others in service to others.  My love is given to be shared and passed around and your sweet spot is the best starting place there is.

God’s Question: How are you sharing your sweet spot?

God’s Promise: As you share your sweet spot you are sharing Me.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for this down to earth good advice.

I am Sorry I too often only think of my own pleasure.

Thank You for this reminder to share my sweet spot.

Please Help Me get busy sharing on Your behalf.


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