Get in on the Action

30 May

God’s Word: Acts 21:27-40

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Gossip is a shred of truth embellished with assumptions. riotGossip is like weeds that pop up everywhere and crowd out productive plants. Unless you get rid of the weeds production will stop.  Gossip usually begins in an attempt to put another down and elevate self.  In this passage the shred of evidence was piled high with assumptions and shouted to the crowds.  No one stopped to check up on the story—they just hopped on the bandwagon until hysteria reigned.  If there is action going on people are quick to throw their hat in with the rest.

In today’s society gossip is rampant through so many venues.  The TV exploits every little shred of truth in order to “draw the crowds” to their station.  Magazines shout out information and they could care less as to the truth—the bottom line is gossip SELLS.  The internet is a wildfire out of control with gossip that alienates people.  Now days you can spread gossip without ever talking to another human being.  That makes it even more dangerous.  Everyone “assumes” what you are saying is true so they pass it on.  Sensationalism SELLS!

The “father of lies” Satan, has a heyday initiating bits of gossip here and there, enticing people to get in on the action. That underlying desire of humans to believe and pass on those juicy morsels of information comes directly from Satan’s influence.  Haven’t you too gotten in on his kind of action?  How can you avoid getting sucked into listening to and passing on gossip?  “Be as concerned with the well being of others as you are with your own.”  And even if you know for certain of a failure of another—DO NOT pass it on.  Instead be their support and encourager.  You to goof up and need others help.

God’s Question: Why not treat others as you wish to be treated?

God’s Promise: Your treatment of others begs Me to treat you the same.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the wonderful way you teach us.

I am Sorry that I too often jump on the gossip bandwagon.

Thank You for helping me to recognize the source of gossip.

Please Help Me focus on encouragement and thinking the best.


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