Looking at Life Backwards

28 May

God’s Word: Acts 21:1-16

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Many a life has ended in ruin because of living forward instead of backward. backwards Living forward is living for the pleasure of the moment, letting tomorrow take care of itself.  Living backward is looking into the future and choosing your desired outcome.  Then temper today’s living by the future you have chosen.  The wise man does not choose his future based on the ease and pleasure found there.  He bases it on the objectives for which he is reaching.  My call on your life is to be a blessing to others by living out My Word and making My message of salvation known to the broadest audience possible.

Jesus looked at His lifetime on earth backwards.  He saw the outcome as a result of His daily choices and He forged ahead.  His daily choices cemented the outcome, yet He did not let that determine his choices.  He was living to die—for you.  It was not a pleasant future to look ahead to but you were worth it.  He chose the unpleasant future so you could live in freedom each day of your life–free from the result of your sinful choices.  Love for you drove him forward to the cross.  So let your life be driven forward on the foundation of love for others.

Looking at life backwards and step into My freedom.  You won’t have to wonder at the outcome of your daily choices if you choose backward living.  You will know you are on target and have your goal in sight.  And along the pathway you will smell the roses of victory and rest in peace, knowing you are helping others come to victory also.  Living forward appeals to those who haven’t had the privilege of knowing the peace I give to those who choose backward living.  And why don’t they know it?  Those I placed in their lives to share My message have abdicated their duty.

God’s Question: Do you need to change the direction you are living?

God’s Promise:  My peace trumps your pleasure.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus choices that set me free.

I am Sorry I too often choose forward living.

Thank You for Your wisdom that comes through Your Word.

Please Help Me live backwards to honor You.


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